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Misty Woodland

"This retreat was such a wonderful experience and will always hold a very special place in my heart. I was uncertain about the group aspect, but it turned out to be such a positive influence. The level of connection and vulnerability was remarkable. For anyone that has the opportunity to do something like this, I cannot recommend it enough."   
Cory P

forest sun rays

"I cannot recommend Elemental highly enough. Aaron and Ryan are just wonderful humans and they hold a beautiful, supportive, safe container for big insights, shifts, and healing to occur. I am still basking in the glow of the experience weeks later and have made some profound progress in my healing journey ever since. I very much look forward to my next retreat with Elemental. So much gratitude to you guys!"   

Misty Forest

"The Elemental Retreat absolutely blew me away. Aaron and Ryan created a sacred container for exploration and community building. I am grateful for their dedication to this work and I will never forget this experience."

foggy forest

"Aaron and Ryan curated a great diverse group of individuals, each in pursuit of our own journeys, in such a manner that the total group experience would exceed the sum of the parts. The pre-retreat preparation was well considered and not overwhelming, and structured to set the stage for the group dynamic to come. When we arrived it was comfortable and encouraging, with an intentionally designed experience considered throughout. Embodied activities of sauna, cold plunge, hikes, and swimming were well integrated. Communion around fires, story telling, sharing our vulnerable thoughts, bonding over meals and a bonus sound bath experience all added to the cumulative magic of the experience.

The care and consideration of how to re-enter and integrate the experience was paramount to describe my deep gratitude to Aaron and Ryan. It has continued beyond the retreat and the support feels durable into the future."   

Sun ray trees

"I was worried about having a journey with other people, but it was actually amazing. The experience was so powerful and connecting. I felt supported, safe and comfortable at all times throughout the three days."
- David

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