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Foggy Forest


oregon psilocybin retreats

A return to the elemental is a return to the sources that inspire you,
a recalibration with the compass that orients you to what matters,
a reminder of your place of belonging within the natural order of life.




With integrity and safety at the center of our work, our retreats combine the transformative powers of psilocybin, community and nature.

Retreat Elements



Wild Mushrooms
Image by HUUM

Psilocybin Ceremony

We create a safe and supportive environment for deep, personal exploration

Sauna and Cold Plunge

You will experience the ancient practice of sauna & cold plunge


We incorporate group activities to build lasting, supportive relationships

Woods with Fog


🌿 Consultation meeting with Ryan or Aaron  

The purpose of this discussion is to help us both assess if you'll be a good fit for this experience. We'll review your medical and psychiatric history, share more information about the retreat, and answer any questions that you have.

🌿  Pre-retreat preparation 

 We'll host 1:1 and group preparation meetings to get to know each other, set intentions, and discuss topics that play an important role in setting a foundation for a safe and positive journey.

🌿 Retreat day 1: Intention setting circle, forest hike, bonfire

🌿 Retreat day 2: Psilocybin journey, sauna, fire pit

🌿 Retreat day 3: Integration activity, closing circle

🌿 Food

We'll serve delicious, healthy, vegetarian meals made with organic ingredients. If you have dietary restrictions we'll be happy to accommodate those needs.

🌿 Accommodations

You'll sleep in a modern, comfortable cabin surrounded by acres of beautiful forest with multiple hiking trails. A spacious main floor and wrap-round porch allow for easy indoor-outdoor living. 

🌿 Post-retreat integration

After the retreat we'll host 1:1 and group integration meetings to support your process of carrying the journey experience into your everyday life.  

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Erin Baldwin Draper, MSW

Erin is a trauma-informed social worker, musician, mystic, mom, and state-licensed psilocybin facilitator. She has a deep reverence for nature and the sacred wisdom of plants, a natural curiosity for the mystical, and a safety-first scientific mind. With a background in counseling, group facilitation, and research, she brings practical therapeutic tools to her work while also holding space for the ineffable. 

Aaron Donne

Aaron has always been drawn to adventure. After skydiving and flying in the Air Force he set out to find a new path through life that orients toward a more beautiful world. He's a leadership coach, organizational change consultant, sauna whisker, father and licensed psilocybin facilitator.

Ryan Swan

Ryan has always been a seeker. He spent several years working as a therapeutic wilderness guide, owned a photography company, sailed across the Pacific, built his own house and sauna, is a free diver, father and licensed psilocybin facilitator. He has many areas of interest but has spent the last few years studying relationship dynamics and presence. 


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