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Runner's Retreat Interest Form

Why a runner's retreat?

Intentional engagement with psilocybin tends to deepen our desire to live healthy lives. It renews gratitude for our bodies and enlivens a sense of connection between body, mind, and soul. Our society's hyper-focus on the mind's role in mental health can, ironically, hinder our mental health by excluding the mysterious-yet-very-real somatic realm. 


Over the years, Aaron's relationship with psilocybin has amplified his love of long-distance trail running, mindful stretching, skillful bodywork, and nourishing meals...and all of that has felt inseparable from his mental health. So he's passionate about creating highly-supportive experiences for others that widen the aperture through which we view and engage with psychedelics.


Who's this for? And how many participants will there be?

This retreat is for physically healthy people who already have a meaningful connection to running and feel a desire to explore and expand that connection. In terms of running ability, you should be able to complete a half-marathon (at any pace).


From a mental health perspective, this retreat is not for people for who are struggling with severe challenges. If you're not sure if this retreat is for you, we'd be happy to meet to share more info, answer questions, and mutually explore fit. 

We're aiming for 6 - 8 participants.

When will it be?

Once we confirm the participants we'll align on timing. We're aiming for sometime in Q4 of 2024 or Q1 of 2025. Given the unique nature and novelty of this retreat we want to allow time to form a group that's a strong fit for this experience.


Where will it be? 

The retreat will be on a 30 acre forested property, located within one hour of Portland, Oregon on the eastern slope of the coastal mountain range. The property has comfortable accommodations and winding trails that weave through tall trees and elevation changes.

Tell me more about the retreat activities.

We'll integrate runs throughout the retreat in ways that accommodate each person's ability. Two bodyworkers of exceptional talent and heart will join us (male and female), offering various modalities of support. The food will be locally-sourced and organic, with opportunities for participants to shape the menu. Opportunities for sauna, cold-plunge, soaking, and a warming fire will be frequent.

How does the psilocybin experience fit into the retreat?

There will be two facilitated experiences. The first will be a low-dose experience, after which we'll go for a run. A low-dose tends to cultivate a more mindful state-of-mind while also sharpening the senses of sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. The second experience will be a moderate/high-dose, depending each participants desire. We'll go for a 100%-effort run prior to this experience, allowing you to drop into the journey from the sense of peace and clarity that we call the 'runner's high'.

How do you think about safety in all of this?

Safety is the foundation. While the psychological and physical risks for this retreat are low, we want you to know that we don't take safety for granted. Part of what allows us to take bold and beautiful risks is to first make sure that we're considering safety.


Regarding psilocybin safety, we've developed a strong set of screening criteria from years of experience and training. This criteria incorporates psychological, physical, and contextual considerations that help us determine if this is a safe experience for you.

Integrating physical activity into a psilocybin retreat requires additional safety considerations and skillsets, so we'd like to share a little about that. While Aaron was in the Air Force, he was in a few roles that helped develop his ability to balance safety and risk. He was a fitness trainer, providing performance coaching to Air Force Academy cadets who failed to meet fitness requirements. As a parachute instructor and jump-master, he taught hundreds of people how to skydive safely. As a pilot, he learned the importance of maintaining a safety mindset in all things. 

Part of our preparation work for this retreat will be discussing safety risks and forming agreements that help collectively reinforce safety.

Next Steps...

If you're interested in the retreat you can submit the below form. We'll follow up to schedule a consultation meeting that will help us mutually assess if this is a good fit for you.

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